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??  Kitchen Dual Stainless Steel Blades Vegetable & Fruit Spiral Slicer, Peeler ??  

The vegetable Spiral Slicer is a fast, easy way to turn. veggetables into delicious healthy spaghetti Thin, Thick & Ribbon. Change blades for different thickness.


??  A Daily Company of Simple Life
?? Showcase infinite creativity using this Vegetables Spiral Slicer for salad, curly fries, frittatas and more.
?? Replace high carb pasta or noodles, crave for vegetables.
?? Add more cooking fun and get children to eat plenty of healthy vegetables!
?? Ideal for all salads, garnishes, especially for special carrot, cucumber such as parties and gatherings.


??  How To Use
?? Remove the Cap from the Grater.
?? Put the Vegetable upright in the centre of the Slicer’s cone and twist it in with a consistent forward force.
?? Keep twisting the Vegetable to produce endless spirals.
?? Use the provided cap when the Vegetable gets shorter to minimize wastage.


??  Features
?? Perfect Delicious Pasta Without the Carbs.
?? Makes Veggie Spaghetti,Stri-fries,Julliennes More.
?? Great For Zucchini,Squash,Carrots,Cucumbers Potatoes!
?? Quick ; Easy to Use.
?? Dual Stainless Steel Cutting Blades For Thick or thin pasta Strands .
?? Ergonomic Comfort grip.
?? Durable Food -Grade Plastic Body.
?? Dishwasher Safe.

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